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Baken Housecom ensures that collaborative behaviour actually works in practice. Collaborative behaviour is the very essence of operational excellence. While you seek to optimise your performance, looking for the best ways to make most profitable changes and ensure that globalisation works for you, be it in IT, logistics, manufacturing, design, CSR or finance for example, we study how to best keep your workforce and stakeholders connected and in step with your needs.

We prepare all stakeholders and take them through their very personal change journey, substituting last century's attitudes and working ethos with new age behaviours, based on collaboration, as these are the keys to your success.

Our methods are based upon 30 years of hands-on experience and sharpened with every single new engagement. To achieve real success, it is essential that your management view on where you want to go is crystal clear and translated into the required collaborative behaviour from your workers and stakeholders. We have the methods and tools to find out where you stand now and help you define the right future business and behavioural model, then prepare you as management to act as sponsors and leaders of your journey to a better future.

Only your own management team can legitimize and sponsor the change journey, so we start with creating awareness, giving your managers an understanding of why and what needs to be changed, making them see the implications and opportunities and then working with them to reach final commitment. We go all the way with you; until the desired behaviour is consolidated and anchored, forming the essential key part of your best performance practice.

Our consultants are all hands-on, senior practitioners with diverse backgrounds who work out the shortest way to results, being as effective as possible within the given situation and findings - like the definition of the gap between existing culture (the way we do things around here) and desired culture (the way we need to work and interact to perform best).

This gap is different in each company, as are your specific needs, so we only define the roadmap once we have defined where we stand and where we need to go. And be sure, we will take the shortest possible road to get there, using the disciplines and methods best suited for your specific needs.

Internal communications support and legitimise the process through the whole cycle of change. Our team is also highly proficient in delivering the best communications support and tools for change management.

The transformation challenges
How can you change the mindset of your employees?
How can you increase flexibility?
How can you align internal and external stakeholders?
How do you manage expectations?
How do you plan?

Baken Housecom Change Services
- Development of a change culture and strategy.
- Help organizations and stakeholders overcome changes.
- Prepare and programme leaders for change.
- Communications and stakeholder engagement.
- Culture transformation.
- Teamwork and collaboration.