Are you ready for a mind shift?

Baken Housecom offers a two day Boot Camp for management teams who want to refresh and reboot team relations and personal motivation, while doing their 2015/16 business planning.

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20 años técnicas teatrales para la empresa

Baken Housecom, pionero en España en Change Management desde 1991, celebra este mes su 20 Aniversario de colaboración con  la compañía Teatral Frec a Frec, liderada por Joan Monells, Beti Español y Carme Vilar  y el también actor español José Luis Salinas.

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Change Management

We work in both the board room and engine room to deliver effective change leading to sustainable improvements. The expertise of BHSL ranges from strategy development to execution.

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Recent Project: Qatar Petroleum

Baken Housecom developed and delivered during 2013 the overall change management strategy for the deployment and operations of Real Time Collaborations Centers (RTOCs).

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Recent Project: KwIDF

André Baken developed and implemented the People Management Strategy for the Kuwait Oil Company Intelligent Oil Field projects in 2010, while simultaneously developing the supporting communications strategies.

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Recent Project: DOFAS

Baken Housecom change management consultancy has helped build the first ever Intelligent Oilfield Health check tool, called DOFASHealth™.

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Años de experiencia

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From Change Management to Change Leadership

Let’s stop faking. Change Management has nothing to do with management and nothing to do with employee resistance. Change (of employee behavior and working habits) can’t be managed. Change needs to be led by strong leaders all the way to the last single employee. Too...

25 años Comunicación y Change Management

Hace 25 años empezamos a trabajar en Barcelona como Agencia de Comunicación, atendiendo las necesidades de empresas extranjeras mayoritariamente, como DSM, AKZO, Clariant, Dockers, Philips, Ferrero, 3M o Draka Cables, por ejemplo. Pronto se apuntaron empresas y...

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